My next door neighborPosted Date: 12/27/07

I had a new neighbor who moved in a couple of months ago, she was in her mid twenties I guess, tan complexion, long blonde hair, and an athletic body.  I rarely talk to her aside from that time that I welcomed her into the neighborhood, but after that there was really nothing.  One thing that I instantly noticed about her was how cute and sexy she is.  She had that typical girl next door look about her.  Anyway, one night I noticed her come home late and for some strange reason I found myself watching her from my window.  I turned off the lights because I wouldn’t want her to notice me, not that I planned to spy on her from the start.

Like something out of a movie, she began undressing without even closing her window.  Her body was just delicious.  Her boobs were nice and plump, which means that she has implants, but nothing I really care about, her long blonde hair hangs all the way to her back, and her athletic physique made her body solid and not saggy.  My mouth was wide open, and I can feel a hard on coming.  I guess she went into the showers because she was gone for quite some time.  When she came out she was already in her nighties, but she still looked hot.

I felt so horny that night, so I sat in front of my computer to look for stuff on the internet that I could jack off to.  I found one amateur site that looks interesting, and when I started surfing my jaw dropped again.  I saw my next door neighbor posing for nude pictures, and most of them hard core, there were even videos of her having sex.  So, being horny as I was, I jacked off to my hearts content while watching her videos.  I haven’t had the chance to talk to her, but what I would do to get her into bed with me.  Right now, I’m content spying on her, and watching her videos on the net.

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